Question by  Jacki14 (86)

What are treatment options for a broken heel?


Answer by  Rathi (108)

Broken heels can be treated in a cast or even surgery may be recommended. If the calcaneus fracture is not out of position, a cast will be recommended. Mostly non-operative treatment can be recommendeded for patients who have poor blood circulation or diabetes.


Answer by  Cheergirl125 (6)

depending on how bad your heel is broken Or fractured physical therapy may help that. if it is badly Broken try going with a Cast or somthing like a shoe or a boot. somthing that will help heal your foot faster. keep off your heel more though!


Answer by  Amom (701)

If you have broken your heal bone you will need to see a doctor. If you have Heal Crack then petroleum jelly is the best treatment out there.


Answer by  rosen (218)

The best treatment option for a broken heel would be the cast application and sometimes surgery is opted. If the heel bone is not out of is not out of position then the former said method is best.

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