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Question by  scolyer (1)

What are these new little black dots I just found on some of the leaves of my creeping charlie?


Answer by  Kannaki (63)

The leaves are either ready to come off to support growth of new leaves or the leaves are not getting enough nutrition. An appropriate amount of nutrition must be able to circulate through the roots and stems to reach the leaves. The circulation system may be effected by insufficient rooting, lack of soil,water or light conditions.


Answer by  Bugs (3)

The little black dots on the leaves of your creeping charlie plants is a bug called scales, a sucking bug that sucks all the nutrients and life from the plant.


Answer by  Gingercakes (920)

If they are round little black dots, they are most likely eggs from an insect that likes your creeping charlie. A round of organic pesticide should keep them from hatching.


Answer by  shoog (38)

The little black dots on your creeping charlie is probably a disease or a fungus. You should research the creeping charlie or contact a nursery in your area to solve the problem.

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