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Question by  TheJester (95)

What are the top rated ps2 games?

I am starting from scratch for my son.


Answer by  KahlenDyce (27)

Top rated games for the PS2 include Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II and role playing games like Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XII. Popular action games include God of War and God of War II. Players also like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, and Tekken Tag Tournament.


Answer by  whothefckisthat (154)

You mean personally or an official rating? Personally, Tekken 5 and NBA Live are the most popular games. But if you would look at the ratings available in certain gaming websites and magazines, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Final Fantasy X takes the cake.


Answer by  leetbeard (41)

There is a vast series of PS2 games from the Final Fantasy collection; it's a Japanese-based RPG and is one of the best selling games for the Playstation consoles. God of War was another great hit for this console and is based on Greek mythology where you must battle against gods and monsters; it's a lot of fun.


Answer by  sikander (4)

The top rated games of ps2 are as follow. 1.Grand theft auto:san andreas. 2.Nfl 2k3. 3.metal gears solid 2:sons of liberty. 4.God of war. 5.Tekken tag tournament. 6.Twisted metal:black. 7.Ssx. 8.resident evil 4. 9.Tony Hawk's pro skater 3. 10.Gran turismo 3:A-spec. 11.virtua fighter 4. fantasy x. 13.Madden NFL 2002


Answer by  JohnCroker (68)

I bought to my son the following games: 1-Lego Stars Wars I 2-Lego Star Wars II 3-Lego Batman 4-Lego Rock Band 5-Dragon Ball Z Budokai 6-Atari compilation games 7-Sonic 8-Super Nintendo Compilation Games 9-Winning eleven 10-Final Fantasy X

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