Question by  gd2525 (28)

What are the signs that my best friend has a crush on me?


Answer by  Vanessa32 (36)

Do they make a lot of excuses to be around you- especially alone? Do they make an effort to touch you while you're speaking? Watch their eye contact and check for any blushing or otherwise embarrassed reactions. If all else fails- ASK! Honesty is important.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

If your best friend wants to be around you all the time, wants to talk to you all the time, does not have a significant other, probably has crush


Answer by  lakeyia (17)

There are many signs that a best friends shows when they are growing to like their friend in an emotional way. For one, they will begin to become jealous and watch who you are talking to and starts looking through your cellphone to see who you are talking to.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

I've dealt with this before and oftentimes your friend will become more awkward or bashful or need more distance in your friendship. Alternatively the friend might try to get closer and spend more time with you. The only real way to know is to ask since everyone shows things differently.

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