Question by  canowoop (16)

What are the main characteristics of a Scorpio woman?


Answer by  AstroAnnie (65)

Scorpios get a bad rep in astrology. While it's true that they can be secretive, manipulative, and vengeful at times, their emotional depth and intensity make them fascinating people. The Scorpio woman has an air of mystery that surrounds her--she is sexy, and doesn't have to try. She's also intellectual, resilient, and fiercely loyal once she lets you in.


Answer by  Janet98 (114)

Scorpio women are very powerful people some of the main traits would be: envious, indecisive, and contemplative. They also find it very easy to manipulate people so they can always get their way.


Answer by  ZenHaltija (286)

The Scorpio woman is secretive yet sensual. There is a deep mystery of the Scorpio lady, while she is dark and mysterious, there is a deep beauty about her. Because she is so intense, she can also be somewhat intimidating.

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