Question by  Karen813 (19)

What are the effects of poverty on the nation?


Answer by  AEF (519)

Poverty is a constant drag on any economy, diverting funds that could be used for investment and growth to providing a social safety net.


Answer by  timetravel (114)

Poverty affects a nation by dividing it into classes; one class has the means to care for itself; the other doesn't. This creates social inequality, anger, strife, and unrest.


Answer by  klarke1 (351)

Well poverty makes it harder for the nation to spend taxes on other things. Also it increases the infant mortality rate and infant death rate.


Answer by  aneesmuhammed (9)

Poverty create violence to change the current political system in the nation and begin new movements, political parties and campaigns will be held widely to accomplish the basic needs of the poeople, such as fresh water, nutrition,health care, education,clothing and shelter.


Answer by  surrahm (4)

Poverty is very dangerous thing for any nation. Once should know the effects of poverty on their nation. Poverty may lead to many problems both for government as well as for the people. It may lead to reduce growth opportunities.

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