Question by  udaipur (219)

What are the different types of Sushi?

I know there are sushi rolls and sashimi (just plain raw fish) - but are there other forms?


Answer by  trinkle (60)

The two most common types of sushi are maki and nigiri. Maki or makimono are sushi rolles, have filling (usually fish) and rice wrapped in seaweed. They are usually cut into little circles and each roll makes six ten pieces. Nigiri are pads of rice with fish, shrimp or other toppings. They may or may not have seaweed or rice.


Answer by  AnitaJay (107)

Basically, there ARE two types of sushi: nigiri, including sashimi (raw fish, eel, etc.); and maki, which are the "roll" types. Nigiri sushi can be made with slices of cooked egg, or cooked or broiled fish like mackerel. Kinds of maki sushi are only limited by the imagination - that's what led to Califronia rolls!


Answer by  snikcidylime (32)

Makizushi, nigirizushi, inarizushi, and chirashi-zushi. Makizushi is rolled inside dried sheets of seaweed. Nigirizushi is made with toppings laid with clumps of rice. Sometimes toppings are stuffed into a fried tofu pouch, that's Inarizushi. Inarizushi isIf toppings are scattered over a bowl of sushi rice.

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