Question by  Justin (25)

What are the differences between riding English and Western?

I'm talking about different styles of horseback riding.


Answer by  jclick (1561)

The biggest difference between the two is the saddle. A Western saddle has a horn (used by cowboys to secure the lasso when roping cows or by novice riders to hold on), the English saddle is much smaller. Also, when riding English, the reins are held in both hands and when riding Western, the reins are held in one hand.


Answer by  secondbanana (289)

The saddle for Western riding has a "horn" and the stirrups are more enclosed. English saddles are generally smaller and the stirrup is simply a bar under the instep. English riding is more formal with different clothing than Western. Western riding is used at a rodeo and English riding is used in "dressage" competitions.


Answer by  hbmarsh (99)

English riding is more formal and regimented. Western is much more casual and carefree. For example, you learn how to post when trotting, and how to go into a canter based on what the horse's front left leg is doing in English - but not in Western. The attire is more elaborate in English, and technique is different.


Answer by  bederson (22)

Western saddles use a "horn" to hold on to while you are riding. English is usually considered to be more formal.

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