Question by  jems (194)

What are the best Verizon phones for sale?

I am due for an upgrade, and I have been wanting a more sophisticated phone.


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

Right now, verizon just joined with apple to put verizon services on the iphone. I would go with the iphone right now and get the verizon service packaged which is very cheap compared to when they were with ATT. I like all verizon phones, and really only you'll know which one's right for you.


Answer by  Brit7any (115)

There are many good options to choose from. The Droid X is my personal favorite. The Droid and Droid 2 are both very good phones. The Eris is also a good phone. The X is large enough to use like a tablet also so I think it would be your best option it also has Wifi.


Answer by  PSmeltzer (6)

In all honesty it really depends on what you need your phone for. I personally would choose the Droid X or the Droid Incredible. These phones allow you to utilize Google as a processor. These phones are great for texting, pictures, video, email, and clear calling. Plus so much more.


Answer by  Nenad (63)

Currently, the prevailing mobile market with Android application, which is more sophisticated and advanced software from ordinary mobile phones, the market has great growth and success of HTC products and their latest technology that exceeds all current news on the mobile market.HP surprises with its products marketed mobile computing, bringing new era of cell at a high level.

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