Question by  Elle54 (36)

What are the American saddlebred horse's disciplines?

My daughter is asking for a horse to use for roping and barrel racing, I want to make certain I am getting the right kind.


Answer by  SallyManda (308)

Saddlebreds are gaited horses usually ridden saddle seat. This is probably not the breed you want. Look for an Appaloosa, Quarter Horse, or Paint for these disciplines.


Answer by  saddlebredrider9 (6)

American Saddlebred are your 3-Gaited and 5-Gaited horses. They have very fine legs which would not be appropriate for barrel racing. I would go with a QH or QH cross for that kind of work:) Hope this helps!


Answer by  Katie1102 (76)

Saddlebreds are versatile horses and can do both English and Western events. They are a gaited breed and may not be best suited for the Western gaming events that your daughter wants to participate in. Their leg conformation might not hold up well to the rigors of roping and barrel racing. A stock breed will suit you best for this.


Answer by  surveyjeppson (90)

You will want to get a quarter horse or quaterhorse thourobred cross. American Saddlebreds are primarily used for English type riding.


Answer by  luckykadm (86)

American Saddlebreds really aren't meant for roping or barrel racing a Quarter Horse would be more appropriate, Saddlebreds are a gaited horse better suited for walk and trot classes best seen on a national level in competition showcasing there magnificent gait.


Answer by  Anonymous

It;s common to wonder if you can use them for the gaming events. I would not advise for barrels because they are not built with the leg strength for it but some people like to use them for flags and poles. Maybe see if she wants to try those events!


Answer by  Melissa76 (282)

If your daughter wants to barral race, I would go with a quarter horse. Saddlebreds are more of your high stepping, arched neck show horses, that are usually showed in a english or silver saddle. A quarter horse can cut the corners better and are used for this kind of racing.


Answer by  Wraith (191)

American Saddlebred's are more of a Pacer and Dressage type horse and wouldn't be my first choice as a barrel racer. Some breeds that would be better suited to those things are the American Quarter Horse (1st choice! ), a Mustang, a Paint Horse or Appaloosa's do well in those disciplines.


Answer by  carbm (11)

American saddlebred horses are used most often for English riding style events, paticularly hunter/jumper class events. A more appropriate choice would be a Quarter Horse or Quarter horse cross. These horses have been bred more for that quick short burst of speed needed to excel in these disciplines.

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