Question by  spit (45)

What are the advantages of earbuds vs headphones?

Aren't earbuds bad because you shouldn't put things in your ear canal?


Answer by  jeremeguenther (14)

Earbuds are much smaller than headphones and so pack easier. Usually they stay in a persons ear better than headphones do on the head. As long as it isn't sharp or getting stuck, things can go in the ear canal, think of ear plugs.


Answer by  EchoC (553)

Using earbuds requires one to be especially safe. With earbuds, make sure they are never inserted too far into the ear. Some suggest keeping the hours one uses earbuds to a minimum. Headphones are safer and sometimes provide better sound quality. However, earbuds are smaller and more portable. This is a plus if you're on a jog or while traveling.

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