Question by  stephblake (205)

What are stud diamonds?

My girlfriend said that's what she wants.


Answer by  Cyndael (338)

Diamond studs are a type of diamond earring. They are a simple setting with a single diamond only, no decoration, the diamond itself is the beauty.


Answer by  kateniz (107)

Stud diamonds are diamond earrings which are one single earring in each ear. Usually they are made up of one diamond although they could be a cluster but the diamond(s) fix directly to the post which goes through the ear lobe. The key to stud earrings is that there is no drop to them, they are just on the lobe.


Answer by  Marie74 (168)

Stud diamonds are the small earring that are just the diamond itself. They are not the one that dangle and only come in just one kind of design. The are easy to spot.


Answer by  jewelfinder (31)

Diamond studs or stud diamonds are earrings with one diamond in a setting and a post which goes through the ear. They range in size from tiny studs, with diamonds that are just a fraction of a carat, to earrings in which each diamond is a full carat or more.


Answer by  Marsha94 (618)

Stud diamonds are just the little round earrings that are a single diamond. They make for a great gift, and are very pretty and always classy. A girl can wear them with anything. You can get them in different sizes depending on how much your budget for the gift is.


Answer by  louieking (69)

Diamond studs are a pair of earrings with just a single diamond attached to each post. You can get them at any jewelry store and they are available in various shapes, karat weights (sizes), qualities, and price ranges.

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