Question by  Callie (30)

What are some ways to improve your credit score during bankruptcy?


Answer by  mic87 (24)

One thing for sure to do to improve your credit score is make payments to all credit cards and bills on time. Timely payments is a show of good faith.


Answer by  olive8 (911)

Unfortunately, there really are no real ways. The best thing you can do is exercise good money management so that when it lifts from your record in seven years you will have learned these habits well and can now apply them to your new clean record. In the long run, this will work wonders for your credit score.


Answer by  Dface56 (90)

Pay all of your other bills on time. Do not bounce any checks. Open a secured credit card account. You deposit the funds on the card to spend.


Answer by  MomOf4 (97)

Opening small lines of credit and paying them off promptly are some ways to help improve your score. Small department store credit cards is good.


Answer by  John (9008)

There are no legal ways to do this while the bankruptcy is in progress, since you cannot assume new debts during the bankruptcy proceedings. You will have to wait until the bankruptcy is complete, and then get loans and pay them on time. Credit cards or secured loans are usually the way to do this, but you have to wait.

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