Question by  shak (17)

What are some tips on getting a halter on a month old foal?

I am having a hard time getting the halter on, there must be an easier way.


Answer by  Sandra23 (29)

This will take two people. One person holds the foal with their arms around the chest and rump to keep it still and enable you to halter it.


Answer by  Anonymous

Restrain the foal and rub all over. Put the halter on once foal is calm enough to hold with one arm. Go very slowly, stay relaxed and plan on repeating every action many times. Only hold the foal around chest and hindquarters. Holding with the halter can injure the neck.


Answer by  Princessteagy (62)

Place foal in round pen. Approach foal and place a lead rope around foals neck to have control. Place halter on foals nose and slowly slide up onto the face.


Answer by  VanillaTwilight (281)

After earning the foal's trust, I wonder if this would work. *It's just a thought! * Put a carrot in front of the noseband as an incentive to for the foal to put his head through the halter. He shouldn't get the carrot until the halter is on. Gradually stop using-carrot.


Answer by  martin (522)

Have the mare right by the foal when you halter it. Also, make sure the foal is comfortable being touched and handled without the halter before you try haltering it.


Answer by  ALoyd (31)

Use leather foal halter. During the day rub your foal all over, first just with your hands then with the halter. Once the foal accepts the halter rubbing all over them, slip the nose piece on and off without buckling the halter. Gradually work to up to putting the halter on and off keeping the foal calm and accepting.


Answer by  Darlene (194)

Lots of love and patience. Remember a foal has never seen a person so they are curtious and cautions the same time.

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