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Question by  KingHaggard (32)

What are some tips for whitening your skin?

I want to get rid of age spots.


Answer by  prissymissy (1895)

Make sure you use sunscreen everyday to prevent new ones. At night you can use a peel and cream from the drugstore to fade the ones you already have.


Answer by  taylor801 (246)

There are special products designed exclusively to treat aging spots, but you can also concoct a mixture with water and baking soda and scrub it on the desired area twice a day.


Answer by  dyingneko (199)

I think it is good to use home made face mask or just to use lemon. It is very simple. You need to put some fresh lemon juice into water and then gently scrub face. Lemon gives pale skin so age spots won't be so sharp.

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