Question by  dfraz (35)

What are some tips for raking the MCSE examination?

I will be taking this exam in a month.


Answer by  Yamyam (17)

Aim to refine your test taking skills. In any exam, test taking skills are important. Read and review on subjects relevant to your exam but see to it that you also research on how you can take tests in a relaxed manner and obey instructions correctly. See to it that you also bring the needed requirements. Are calculators allowed?


Answer by  slabshire (12)

First you need to familarize yourself with Microsoft product suite. The best place for this is Microsoft's website. Also, taking practice exams.


Answer by  Me92 (22)

I am confused by your question. Do you want tips on 'taking' the MCSE, or on 'ranking' the MCSE, or something else? Presumably one wouldn't rake the MCSE! :) If you want a tip on 'taking' the MCSE, I would say that if you have technical experience, you'll do fine -- the exam is easy, and fact-based.

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