Question by  managervf (6)

What are some tips for boxing?

I want to be a great boxer.


Answer by  KMcRae (714)

Excellent cardio health is mandatory. You could be the strongest and toughest guy in the gym but if you have no stamina you'll go nowhere. Focus on form as well. Throw punches from the bottom of your body not with your arms. That's where you get power.


Answer by  Mic42 (22)

To be a great boxer alot is stamina. Become familiar with running at least two miles everyday. Try to bounce tennis balls around to work on hand eye coordination. Work on speed bag with slow puches until you can progress into faster intervels. Jumping rope after the workout is another way to touch up speed and footwork.


Answer by  Dirk (39)

Keep your hands up, in front of your face. Always keep your guard. Always keep moving, never stay still. Keep them guessing. Never take your eyes off of your opponent. Stay on your toes, not flat footed. Combinations. Work on them.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Practice is everything, so do this with boxing as much as possible. Make sure your cardio is excellent (try jogging, skipping rope, etc. ). Lift weights, and practice punching (shadow boxing, hitting a speed bag, heavy bag, etc. ), and also practice getting out of the way of punches, by getting in the ring with an opponent.


Answer by  CP (232)

Some good tips to being a great boxer are just work hard and be willing to put alot of time and effort into becoming the best you can be, all the other things will come along with your worth ethic.

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