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Question by  ramyajithinymailcom (29)

What are some sexy Valentine gifts?

I'd like to do something original.


Answer by  Jolie (1227)

Anything from the heart would be great. Cooking a homemade dinner with candlelight and rose petals everywhere. Also of course you can never forget lingire.


Answer by  catclaw (432)

Obviously any undergarments, firstly. A romantic homemade dinner with rose petals in the bedroom is always nice, too. If you can't cook have it catered from your favorite restaurant.


Answer by  emmy222 (35)

Any sort of sexy underwear. Maybe a "toy" you could use. You could do some sort of sexy scavenger hunt or come up with a sexy valentines day game to play.


Answer by  klvan (421)

If you are wanting to give a sexy valentine gift, you can do a number of things. Although, something that I believe is a sexy yet romantic gift is a candle. Candles are also original.


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

a love basket is a sexy v-day gift with whip cream and strawberries and chocolate and massage lotion with wine and glasses.and a night together

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