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Question by  Bob81 (33)

What are some of the more rare Beanie Babies?

I'm wondering if any of mine are valuable.


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

The ones that they stopped making before they became a huge craze. Also ones with the wrong identifying tag on them. For the best ideas on how much your beanie babies are worth, check ebay pricing.


Answer by  DanotheMano (11)

The Billionaire Bear series of bears are quite rare and expensive, and so are both Peanut the Elephant and Slither the Snake.


Answer by  vintagetoys (41)

The original nine beanie babies are likely to be the most rare (frog, pig, bear, dolphin, whale, platypus, moose, Spot the dog, and lobster). Also, the Ty company gave the number one bear to its employees only making this particular beanie baby especially collectible. A quick search on Ebay will give you an idea of the value of your beanies.


Answer by  honeyy (19)

These are the toys made for kids,and have different varities with different colors and shapes.Some of the toys available in stores are Alacazam,2008 holiday Teddy likes these type of toys very well.It is very easy to handle ,light weighted and attractive.Different toys have their own speciality in their functioning.

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