Question by  Alex39 (19)

What are some middle school hitting drills?

I am a new volunteer coach.


Answer by  Mary07 (199)

Some basic hitting drills for middle school children would be ensuring contact is made. Show the children bat control by having them move their hands up the bat handle. Show them how to stride into the pitch and hit the ball to all fields. Also practice bunting. My coach would have us bunt into a jacket placed on the field.


Answer by  Mary07 (199)

Practice bunting. Also practice making level contact with the ball without moving the batter's head. Place hit to all fields with a batting practice machine.


Answer by  rahilpatel (12)

Some hitting drills would be having a bucket of balls and pitching them all at one batter and have your field set up as well. I am an ex coach.


Answer by  Jon65 (787)

Have your players choke up on the bat and practice contact swings. Perform bunting drills into a jacket for directional placement. Practice hitting at batting cages with pitching machines.

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