Question by  Goldie24 (23)

What are some ideas for holiday desserts?

All holidays--not just Christmas and Thanksgiving.


Answer by  you (79)

Chocolate mousse makes a great dessert for any occasion, but especially Valentine's Day. Tiramisu is another fabulous finish to your Valentine's Day meal. Petit fours in pastels make beautiful Easter treats.


Answer by  drews (149)

Sugar cookies in a shape appropriate for the holiday can be popular with both adults and children. Homemade cupcakes can also be made and decorated to match any holiday. Pies made from fruits that are in season can be used any time of the year. A personal favorite is chocolate fondue with fresh fruit.


Answer by  kayleen (128)

I think that rice cripy treats are a great idea, key lime pies are good for any occassion and also cakes.

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