Question by  PinkyPosh (21)

What are some good tank mates for cichlids?


Answer by  Tank (539)

Cichlids can be aggressive towards not only its own species but other tank mates. Many people keep tanks with a theme of Lake Tanganyika or Lake Malawai. I would keep only cichlids with each other as they will most likely kill any other community fish.


Answer by  Zach96 (43)

Good Tank mates would be Jack Dempsey, any other type of cichlid, black fin sharks, texas cichlid, plecostomus, and fresh water puffer fish.


Answer by  Destiany (107)

Several fish will do well as tank mates for cichlids, wise selections are Synodontis catfish, Botia Loaches, Labeo Sharks, larger Rainbowfish & Danios, suckermouth catfish (Plecos) and the larger Tetras.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

Cichlids are very difficult fish because they are aggressive or, sometimes, semi-aggressive. I have some tinfoil barbs nothing bothers, and I also have buenos aires tetras that all the aggressive fish ignore. There are certain bottom dwellers they will ignore, too. Try discussing the cichlids you are choosing with knowledgeable store help.


Answer by  mctrixie12 (83)

Most, but not all, Cichlids grow to be a larger fish and are aggressive. They often eat tankmates. Angelfish, catfish, and perhaps aggressive barbs are the choice for you.


Answer by  abby39 (213)

Depending on the type of cichlid, you can house other types of cichlids in the same tank. The plecostomus fish usually does well with cichlids as well. If you have small cichlids, you may be able to house larger semi-aggressive species in the same tank.


Answer by  bill14 (308)

The best tank mates for cichlids are more cichlids from the same great rift lake/region. It is also important that they are similar in size and that there are adequate hiding spaces for all of your fish so that their aggressive nature doesn't result in fatalities.

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