Question by  sessy1978 (20)

What are some good middle school volleyball drills?


Answer by  lakshmi (196)

the first step in the volley ball drills is serving . serving goes through tiilthe end of the game and so children should be given good practice in it.a player from each team should be selected and be given good practice.they must be aware of the other teams efficiency.

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Should I have strong arms to over hand serve because if there is what workouts should I do?  add a comment

Answer by  ShayanFCB (366)

An amazing volleyball drill is getting a few people, like anywhere from around 5 to 10, in a circle. Then they have to keep the ball in the air using bump's, and set's. Another great drill is getting people on two sides of the net and practicing hitting the ball to their teammate


Answer by  babilot (158)

Bumping the ball againt the wall and setting off the wall. Getting a partner and bumping from one to the other who would set it. Standing in line and practicing a serve to someone on the other side to bumps it.


Answer by  lancepea (84)

The 4x2 pepper drill, 10 Ball Wash Drill, Corner Killer Drill, Coverage Drill, Eye Check Drill, greed drill, Net Save Drill, Overhead Toss Drill, and the Rapid Set Drill.


Answer by  Anonymous

players on one side of the net in a line, serve one at a time, if serve lands in bounds they go lay where ball hit. If missed go to the end of the line. Hit player laying on other side, take their spot. last person standing has a punishment

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