Question by  fredlaws (14)

What are some good kindergarten songs?

I am going to be substituting in a kindergarten class soon.


Answer by  Kat123 (591)

Some really good kindergarten songs that I remember from when I was a little kid are, All Around the Mulberry Bush, Little Bo Peep, and Ring Around the Rosie.


Answer by  sherryk (621)

I just thought of another--try "Row, Row, Row Your Boat Gently Down The Stream. You can teach them how to sing it using the technique of a "round."


Answer by  sherryk (621)

The "Eentsey Teensy Spider Went Up the Water Spout" is usually well received, especially because it has all of the hand motions that go along with it.


Answer by  Becks (68)

Any songs that can include learning as well: The Heads, shoulder, knees and toes. Clean Up Song, the months of the year song.


Answer by  Caitlin50 (29)

The cleanup song. clean up clean up Everybody do your share, Clean up clean up Soon the mess will not be there,

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