Question by  stef (26)

What are some good brands of vinyl swimming pool clarifiers?


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

There are some vinyl pools that are made by poolsystems. They are more affordable then some of the popular models and are superior when it comes to strength and basic wear and tear. There are also a couple of private models of vinyl that is available but they are through factory direct.

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The OP asked for clarifiers, not vinyl liners...  add a comment

Answer by  srainne (2597)

I think we've only ever used HTH products for our inground vinyl lined pool. We get the clarifier in a gallon package, but I think I've seen quarts as well. Also, we have never had an issue keeping the water balanced, as I have heard from friends that some clarifiers will make the pH out of sorts.


Answer by  wonderman (201)

Have you heard of GLB Natural Clear Pool Clarifier? It's unique in that it is biodegradable and has an enzyme formula. Costs a bit more at about 25$. I find i takes care of oil and has a great smell - in fact it removes bad odours too.


Answer by  theblip (295)

I just drop a AquaPill pool clarifier and flocculant into the skimmer -works well even in salt water. If I can't get it (very rarely) I get Dupont. I don't try out any other brand.


Answer by  boonjax (205)

I would recommend. It's probably the best brand and product available. You only need one ounce for every 3000 gallons of water (double that if your pool is really murky! ). I got mine in walmart - about 10 bucks!


Answer by  mb (5482)

I prefer the aqua clean or the pool king. They are efficent and the filters are resonably priced. Don't use the Insta Clean brand.


Answer by  will79 (98)

GLB Natural clear Pool Clarifier. It is natural and is an enzyme formula. costs around 25 dollars. Good for removing oil and odour. AquaPill pool Clarifier is also good. Then comes Dupoint.


Answer by  asktocharlie (22)

HTH, DUPOINT, Great Life Begins (GLB), ultima, proteam, MiraClear, malibu, solufloc, Bio-Dex, blue wave pool,ess pt, spa chemicals, mareva, super, relax, bioguard, Sea-klear, shimmer, Clear Comfort,sun,Jack's magic,In the swim, Guardex, Leslies.

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That is a LOT of brands. Use a pool online store to compare costs and features of these products. That could help you decide.  add a comment

Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

One good brand of vinyl swimming pool clarifiers is HTN. They offer several different types of clarifiers from a super concentrated clarifier to natural clarifiers. Another brand that you might want to consider is Chem-spa clarifiers. Either of these products can be purchased at your local pool retailer or at an online pool supply store.

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