Question by  francis (6)

What are some good birthday presents for her?


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

A good birthday present for her will demonstrate that you are aware of her personal tastes. A book for a reader, trip to the museum for a history buff...


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

I take it we are talking about an adult lady. A nice piece of clothing or a pretty sweater would be nice. Perfume, jewelery, or flowers are always a hit.


Answer by  ljb (159)

There are lots of good birthday presents for her, such as, a day of beauty including a facial, massage, maincure and pedicure, a surprise weekend away with her signifcant other. Jewelry always works; the hot new item is a Pandora bracelet.


Answer by  sonicfoundation (2597)

A good birthday present for her are things that all girls will like. Things like dolls and toys and Barbies.


Answer by  broper (83)

I think most women appreciate gifts that allow them to relax. Think spa type stuff. Send her to a spa, to have her nails and toenails done, Give her time to take a bubble bath without interruption.

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