Question by  sumaya1 (97)

What are some common Yiddish phrases?


Answer by  Messalina (6)

There aren't that many Yiddish phrases known in the American mainstream (and not just by Yiddish speakers, their descendants or those who study the language). I would say that the word "meshuggeh" (crazy) is pretty commonly heard, as is "verklemmt," "oy, vey" and "Gesundheit!"


Answer by  laundried (12)

A gut tog. (Good day) Oy! Dos iz gut. (Oh! That's good!) Mazel tov! (Congrats!) Loch in Kop (A hole in the head, something you do not need.) Meshuggina (Crazy). Oy vey (Things are bad!) Ver clempt (All choked up)


Answer by  bethanyseeley (130)

nosh = to nibble kosher =Something that's acceptable to Orthodox Jews, especially food goy = A non-Jew, a Gentile shmaltzy =excessively sentimental bubbe = grandmother bissel = a little bit chutzpah = nerve feh! =an expression of disgust or disapproval maven = an expert Mazel Tov = good luck mishegas = insanity or craziness


Answer by  bidurpan (105)

"Zol zayn mit mazel!" means "good luck!". "Mazltov!" means "congratulations!". "A gute nakht un zise droymer!" means "Good night and sweet dreams!". "Mayns Yidish iz shlekht." means "My yiddish is bad."

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