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Question by  pancakequeen (127)

What are some classical singing techniques?


Answer by  Jaquelynne (594)

Make sure you have plenty of support coming from your core muscles. They are very important in supporting your sound. Also, make sure you have great posture to give a clear passage for your sound to come out. Make sure you use plenty of breath support.


Answer by  admegamo2 (56)

Breathing techniques are always important. Lie on your back on the floor and tighten your stomach muscles and breathe in and then out but before you lose all your breath again, breathe in again. It will help when you are singing so you do not lose breath and hold notes.


Answer by  Tigerbelle (252)

Classical sining involved proper breath control, posture and practice. Singing the musical scale beginning with "Ah" is appropriate for beginners. Start at the bottom of the scale on "Ah" and sing up to the highest note in that scale. Another popular excercise is imitating that of a siren. Start at the highest note in your range on "Ooh", sliding down.


Answer by  Jaquelynne (594)

Make sure you have plenty of support from your core muscles. Also, make sure you have great posture to allow your voice to have a straight passage out of your body. Make sure you shape your mouth with a lot of space (including lifting your soft pallate) to give your voice room to resonate within your natural instrument.


Answer by  Dimples376 (13)

Lay on the ground and place a book or folder on yor stomach to paractice breathing while you sing, making sure your stomach raises and not your chest.


Answer by  2525252 (717)

Well to learn classical you have to master singing on the keys. Try Brett Manning's kit and you will learn in no time.


Answer by  Supersadie (363)

Classical singing requires practising ways to improve the clarity, tone, volume, range and flexibility of the voice. Key to these are posture, breathing, tongue and lip articulation, and enunciation.For example, not lifting the chin when singing high notes keeps the airway open and the sound consistent. As with other instruments practise of scales and different pieces is crucial.


Answer by  Bright69 (29)

Breathing with pursed lips to open up the lungs, holding breath for ten or more seconds, practicing scales up and down in every key every day, humming all the vowels one at a time, forcing air out of lungs, projecting the voice to the back of hall mentally, and opening up the vocal chords using tongue placement are some ways.


Answer by  ritujain (234)

Try to practise some 'aalaaps'of famous classical singers,get their style developed in your singing. Always try to practise 'ragas' only to learn classical.

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