Question by  DrPill (24)

What are some causes of nose bleeds?


Answer by  chandni (145)

Nose bleeds can be caused by infections, trauma by external forces or even nose picking, certain tumours, high blood pressure, allergies, side effects of some drugs, etc.


Answer by  VikasBhutani (11)

1)genetic disorder is one of the cause 2)vitamin K deficiency can cause to Bleeding 3)High Blood Pressure can cause Nose Bleeding 4) Hot and Humid condition can cause Nose Bleeding 5)dryness and nose picking is one of the common cause's of Nose Bledding


Answer by  Baobao (1273)

Climate change, mood irritation, tiredness and sneezing are the usual causes, and blood cancer also has this symptom.Sometimes woman suffers this before period.


Answer by  MDanchak (26)

Some causes of nose bleed our broken nose, nose picking, nasal congestion, common cold, allergies, bleeding disorder, nose bleeds can be caused by cocaine, nasal polyp and so much more. This is just to name a few symptoms.

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