Question by  zubiaur (18)

What are my most fertile days?

How can I tell?


Answer by  BabyMamma (34)

Most women ovulate on day 15 of a 28 day cycle. You have a 6 day window of opportunity; five days leading to and including ovulation.


Answer by  jennyv8 (133)

Usually, women are most fertile up to 5-6 days after ovulation. You can determine your ovulation by charting your menstrual cycle, basal body temperature, or changes in cervical mucus.


Answer by  maalti (34)

the days on which i am happiest and most of my work is done . in the institute i get some admission. jokes apart the 10th day after the cycle to 20th day are the most fertile days.the mating on these days will result in fertilization .12th day to 24th day are the days of month which give most results.

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