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Question by  jack (14)

What air conditioning system was installed standard on a 1993 Ford Taurus?

I need a replacement part and would like to know the brand of the a/c unit so that I may purchase the correct piece.


Answer by  rejoice (216)

Hey, I know a lot of Ford Taurus 1993 models had recalls because of A/C problems. Was yours one of them?


Answer by  digmyspace (249)

Actually you do not need to replace it with the same air conditioning unit and company for your 1993 Ford Taurus. You can get a much better AC these days. Drop into a professional shop that does car ACs and he will tell you the best option that is compatible.


Answer by  notanexpert (199)

Here's some part numbers I managed to collect - that's all you can get for a car that is 15 years old. A/C Compressor, 3. 8L6 Cyl,: 507141/507124/507133 A/C Clutch Assembly: 407874/407853 Accumulator: 303162 Blower Motor: 305489 A/C Evaporator Core: 504534 A/C Hose Assembly: 505613 Saw the costs- gonna be expensive!


Answer by  enlightened (206)

For the 2000 Ford Taurus, the part number is 507146. That's all I could get with some online research. This is for the AC compressor only. Not sure of the blower etc.

Reply by tweety (266):
The blower part number is 305361. But again this is for the 2000 Taurus.  add a comment

Answer by  vishal (28)

which is in the tank and part of the fuel pump assembly. In very rare cases the gauge could be faulty. chech d Expert: Dennis W in google.

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