Question by  thewee (35)

What advice can you give someone who is looking into going back into the active Navy?

I have signed up to rejoin the active Navy and am not sure if I will have to repeat boot camp or not.


Answer by  usmcvega (65)

If you ware planning to go back into the Navy, you do not have to repeat bootcamp. However, you will have to go to any schools that are required for whichever military job you choose.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Talked to your recruiter. It is likely that you will go back through boot camp. But your maturity and experience will make it a far less grueling experience.


Answer by  jhonq (37)

Yes, you will have take a refresher but it depends on your rank, rate and time served. You may not have to all just ask your recruiter for the info.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Go to the Navy's website where you can get contact information for a recruiter near you. A recruiter is the best source of info about possible re-enlistment.

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