Question by  mehernosh (27)

What advice can you give me on planting banana trees?


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

Banana trees tend to grow like weeds. By this i mean, they will definetly spread. Be sure you have a good sized area, as once a tree bears fruit, you will cut it down and more and more will grow. You will not have one tree, even if you plant one. You will have a banana patch.


Answer by  Treeemt (30)

These should be planted just above ground level so as they can send their roots in for better anchoring. Never plant below ground level as rot and girdling may form. Pleant of water and sunlight should be fine . Stake these trees the first year as to build some strength in them . Remove stakes after first season .


Answer by  beelala (102)

Planting banana trees is relatively easy as banana trees tend to produce fruit year after year and need very little attention and care. Plant the trees next to a fence since they tend to spread themselves out as they grow. Do not plant other things too closely to them.


Answer by  manha (6)

1. Growing bananas in a constant warmth is very very important. 2. Night Temperature should be 67F 3. Day temperature should be 80s. 4. Fresh circulating air is very imporatant. 5. Grow banana with high humidity 6. Grows banana in bright light.. atleast 12 hours of bright light is very essential for growing good bananas.


Answer by  jwalk (389)

Plant in a sunny spot, protected from wind and cold, where the soil drains well. The hole should be twice as wide as the container, and one-and-a-half times as deep.


Answer by  ElectronicGuy (221)

It really depends on what you're interested in. There are so many different plant types, what climate and humidity will these plants be enduring? It's best to purchase a botany-book.

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