Question by  hsle (2)

To lose fat, is it better to run/jog for 1 hour (slowish) or 20 minutes (fast)?


Answer by  Srfingfreak (697)

The slower run for a longer time will cause your body to enter the aerobic respiration phase of your body's metabolism. Take it easy and hydrate well and you will feel better in no time. Sprinting is a good way to build muscle, but only burns readily available carbohydrates.


Answer by  John (9008)

Both will burn similar amounts of fat. However, it is best to vary your exercise routine, so a combination of both (perhaps on alternating days) is ideal. By varying your workout, you keep your body from getting too acclimated and increase weight loss.


Answer by  sunny76 (16)

Yes, it is better to jog for one hour slowish because doing jogging daily will keep not only lose fat and also it is good for our health. Those who are suffering from health problems can do jogging daily. Doing this daily you can controll your blodd pressure.


Answer by  Kevin91 (20)

Running fast for twenty minutes will burn as much or more fat than jogging for one hour and you will have forty minutes left over!

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