Question by  isabella (46)

Should i harvest my jalapenos when they are red, dark green, or turning red?


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

If you are looking for a spicey harvest pick them when they are dark green and firm to the touch. When they are red they are a bit sweeter and less hot. The ideal jalapenos or the ones commonly found in stores are dark green. They make for the best salsas and spreads.


Answer by  AG (46)

A japapeno can be harvested when it turns dark green. However, a red jalapeno is a fully ripened jalapeno. It takes a longer to wait on the fruit to turn red, but a red jalapeno is considered to have a sweeter taste than a dark green jalapeno. But you can harvest and use a dark green jalapeno.


Answer by  badimojo (45)

The heat of a jalapeno will vary depending on its color. A green jalapeno will have the taste and heat that most people are familiar with. Since jalapenos turn from green to red, one that is turning red will be slightly hotter, and one that is red will be the hottest. Red jalapenos are often dried to make chipotle peppers.


Answer by  martin (522)

It depends on whether you want them to be hot or if you want them to have a more complex flavor. When the pepper is green, it is hot but doesn't have much other flavor. As the pepper turns red, it develops additional flavors as the sugars in the fruit build up.

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