birth control


Question by  travelmate (10)

Should I buy a Today sponge contraceptive?

Is it safe?


Answer by  amb5444 (13)

Yes, it's a safe alternative to hormonal contraceptives. It provides a high degree of protection without the side effects of "the pill".


Answer by  mirahvk (10)

The Today sponge has positive and negatives just as all other forms of birth control. The Today sponge does not have typical negative side effects, but is only about 90% effective with perfect use.


Answer by  vivalavida88 (62)

The only time it would be not be safe would be if you are on your period, if you have any vaginal infections, or have had a recent abortion.


Answer by  Britt8818 (52)

There are much more effective forms of contraceptives then the sponge. Alternatives like the pill, depo provera, condoms, and nuvo ring are much more practical and effective.

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