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Question by  NZ (26)

My doctor told me I have a low reading of 124 on my blood platelets, what can I do to change this?


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

Having a low blood platelet count means that your blood is not clotting normally. To increase the blood platelets you may be prescribed prednisone or immunoglobulin. You can also have a blood transfusion. To help, avoid alcohol and any over the counter or prescription medications that may have attributed to the low platelet count.


Answer by  RRGKK (412)

There is not much other than a platelet transfusion. Low platelet counts can be an indicator for some diseases, including hemophelia and certain leukemias and cancers. If he is not already investigating further, you may want to get a second opinion.


Answer by  Mrscmrn (1449)

Low normal platelet counts are 145, so 124 isn't critical. Some medications can cause low platelet counts and some disorders. Talk with your doctor and see if this applies.


Answer by  rnovikoffgmailcom (1722)

One easy thing u can do it to take vitamins. There are going to be all of the vitamins that your body needs, which it uses to make blood platelets.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

This is a question that only a doctor can address. You don't want to make your blood any thinner they it already is.

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