Question by  livemikes (19)

Is there still a store called Lerner's New York?

I used to love that store.


Answer by  jennjenn (91)

Yes! is no longer called Lerner's -- it is now called NY & Company. I think they changed their name/brand quite a few years back if I remember correctly.


Answer by  Lisa22 (100)

Yes, Lerner's New York is still operational. You may need to search online to get exact locations, but they still carry the fashionable clothing as usual.


Answer by  garymarkle (599)

There is a store called MetroStyle that is the Lerner store in New York, I think that this is a name given after a buy out, however, it is basicly the same store, you can still find all of the same great products that Lerners carried in the store that you remembered.

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