Question by  kw35 (54)

Is there a way to get a better understanding of mental health?

My neighbor's son has some issues, and I want to be enlightened.


Answer by  GypzIz (7)

There are many books that summarize various mental health issues, and many that focus specifically on children and adolescents. Of course, you could also do a web search about the symptoms or behaviors he is exhibiting. You could also talk to mental health professionals and/or take a course on child psychology.


Answer by  Planimo (32)

More research and studies are needed to gain a better understanding of mental health. Often behavioral issues caused by stress are missinterpreted as mental disorders. There must be clear criteria.


Answer by  ketha (31)

research is the best way to understand mental health issues. Research the issues and keep updated on new information on the issue is the best way to stay enlightened.

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