Question by  pezman1937 (7)

Is there a company that makes really romantic anniversary cards?

I want to get something special this year.


Answer by  beelala (102)

A great resource for finding unique cards for any occasion including anniversary cards is , all of these cards are unique and one of a kind since they are homemade by their sellers.


Answer by  Cathie (670)

Absolutely! I really love the Hallmark card selections. They always have a card that says exactly what is in my heart.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

What about making it youself? Write down all the things you really want to say. Make or buy a blank card and slip your letter inside. Perfection.


Answer by  sitone9599yahoocom (106)

I think the most special and sentimental cards in the world always come from Hallmark you just have to spend time reading them to find the perfect one!


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

i would say the hallmark card company, is one of the biggest card company and will have everything you need for a card.


Answer by  Jenna16 (224)

Hallmark has probably the widest selection of cards of any greeting card company. That said, if you check the lot of Hallmark anniversary cards and still don't find what you're looking for, what about making a personalized card, or having a card company personalize one for you?


Answer by  melissa23 (1002)

Hallmark makes really romantic anniversary cards everyday. Honestly the most romantic anniversary cards are not make by a company they are made by you. You can put your personal experiences on the card and your significant other will see you actually spent time on it- that would be enough to win anyones heart.


Answer by  G12345 (1808)

Hallmark makes some very romantic cards. Of course the most romantic is one that you make or one that you write your own words into so that it is unique.


Answer by  emilys (78)

I can't think of the Company's name but it's a poets name. I think it's Emily Matthews, or something close to that. The cards are usually kind of like a poem, they are wordy but really express how you feel. The thing I like about her cards is that they are meaningful, like "I will love you until we're old"


Answer by  terry36 (4)

Yes, there are some professional companys making romantic anniversary cards for married people in China. If you wanna have, please contact me.

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