Question by  einstein17 (10)

Is the Tyler Rose Garden ( worth the trip?

I cultivate roses. I live in Houston.


Answer by  ggbarfield (7)

If you are a rose lover, Tyler Rose Garden is definately worth the 200 or so mile trip! With 14 acres and over 450 varieties of roses, there is something for every rose gardner. After touring the gardens, come check out the museum!


Answer by  starbanner (32)

The Tyler Rose Garden is definitely worth a trip, especially to somebody from Houston who enjoys roses. The trip is only about a 4 hour drive so you can make it a day trip. A popular time to go is in October when the Texas Rose Festival occurs. Enjoy the different gardens, especially the IDEA gardens.


Answer by  Ahamedribin (19)

Yes.Tyler is a rose garden.It is very beautiful and lovely place.Trip to Tyler rose garden is worthy and wonderful.It will give us a great relief.


Answer by  dlraska (460)

Visitors who come to Texas expecitng to see only oil wells and cactus are amazed by the flourishing beauty of East Texas. It is very beautiful and is worth it.

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