Question by  itguy (17)

Is the Canon portable printer a good investment?

I travel and I need something reliable.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

I have a desktop caonon printer and it's been great. I use it at school with students so it really takes a beating too.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

I own a Canon portable printer, and I love using it. It is lightweight, easily transportable, and it really does print beautiful pictures. I never even print pictures from photo stores anymore, I just use my Canon all the time. I would highly recommend it.


Answer by  knobbs (51)

It is not a good investment because it is fragile and very slow. You would be better off using a printer where you're staying or going to Kinkos.


Answer by  James89 (24)

I've used Canon and several other printer brands. HP has cheaper portable printers but the ink is more expensive. If you do a lot of printing, Canon would be a great, reliable choice. Otherwise I would pick an HP.


Answer by  monoacuro (441)

Yes this is a great investment. Its very small so its not a nuisance carrying it around, it can easily fit in a backpack along with a laptop. It also beats having to go to a library or borrowing a printer from someone every time you want to print something.


Answer by  Samhain (115)

No. This product has been recalled several times during the last 2 yrs. You would do better with something different, especially a slightly bigger size. Not much more of course, but the drivers and equipment is higher quality.


Answer by  ATVRACING250ex (84)

Canon is tough to buy because they use 6 little ink cartriges and they are expensive. Hp uses 2 and lexmark sometimes uses 1! But less ink cartriges=less quality


Answer by  David49 (46)

The general consensus on the internet is that it's pretty good. It is pretty old though, I'd look on Amazon or Ebay for a newer model.


Answer by  Phil28 (379)

The question is too specialized for this platform. Read up on some reviews of the models you are considering. See if you can get business level warranty and service if its a mission critical piece of hardware. Go to a brick and mortar store that has some in stock and lay your hands on them and compare the sturdiness.


Answer by  timdau87 (5)

The first advantage is that it is portable. A second advantage of a small printer is that it has comparable features to non-portable printers. Third, smaller printers can provide you with quality photo prints that are as good as photo lab prints. Lastly, small printers are reasonable priced. They offer good value for your money.


Answer by  alek2 (17)

Canon portable printers are a good option,when you want a quick print of your documents,or your photos have been taken to your weekend vacations,with your friends or quick enough to finish your job and the machine have good color graphics and also many supportable extras,like a car power adapter.


Answer by  santhoshhamazongmailcom (2)

Yes its a good investment, becasuse its giving a good print at all time, this priter have more option to take a prit which user wish

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