Question by  shivee (19)

Is Stash Tea a good brand?

I've heard different things.


Answer by  lajaponaise (42)

Stash tea is quite good, they have nice flavors of good quality. The foil packets seem to keep it fresher for longer, which is an added bonus.


Answer by  hulmer (1067)

Stash Tea is a good brand for someone who is just getting in to teas. It is often very aromatic but the taste of the tea rarely seems to match the aroma. Tea "snobs" will notice a big difference here.


Answer by  ubcmed (185)

I think that it is an excellent brand. The best feature is consistency. You know what you are getting with every package. That being said there are better quality tea, but not in that price range.


Answer by  Andrew352 (31)

Stash Tea Company is located in Tigard Oregon and originally supplied loose herbal teas and bulk herbs. In 1972 the company widened its product line to include bagged teas, traditional and specialty blend teas. Stash Tea has had steady growth and is one of the largest tea companies in the United States.

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