Question by  Ellen48 (40)

Is selling silpada on the go worth it?

I'm not sure silpada jewelry is for me.l


Answer by  gonewitchin (22)

Silpada Designs sterling silver jewelry business opportunity is much like the other ever growing small businesses that offer different ways to generate income for yourself. You host parties and sell their jewelry in order to generate income. You can also elect to recruit other people to become representatives, resulting in commissions off their sales as well.


Answer by  QuestionGirl (146)

As far as jewelery go Silpada is one of the lower quality jewelries, i do not recommend it. I would look towards either the magiver version of gems and rare stones, or something else.


Answer by  Rebecca1322 (17)

It is not often that one can earn an income by showing off! Selling Silpada Jewelry is that opportunity! The jewelry is beautiful, unique and fashionable. Not to mention high quality. Representatives can set their own hours, sales goals and times to work. Selling Silpada Jewelry is easy, exciting and rewarding!


Answer by  bvolkel (32)

No its definitely not ever worth it. Probably the biggest wast of time and should be rid of for ever. Try something new and improved that all people could enjoy.


Answer by  lexuslady315 (635)

Yes, I have had a few Silpada parties and if people are well in advance invited then I have ahd $800 parties from this product. That has been more than I have made with celebrating home.


Answer by  Patty (195)

If you are an outgoing individual, who enjoys using your charm to meet others and who also loves the elegants of wearing beautiful silver jewelry, especially when its free!!! Then of course selling silpada jewelry is the idea thing for you.

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