Question by  jamuna (25)

Is Seattle's Best Coffee related to Starbucks?

Their coffee is fabulous.


Answer by  quisqualis (1756)

The Seattle's Best Coffee company was purchased by Starbucks in 2003. Starbucks plans to expand the brand's distribution in the coming year. Perhaps the public is tired of the "Starbucks" name?


Answer by  cangel818 (981)

Seattle's Best Coffeee, founded in 1970, is a part of the Starbucks Corporation. It was acquired by Starbucks in 2003. It is presently undergoing a rebranding which is not only changing the logo but expanding distribution centers greatly. AMC theaters is one of the outlets that is now carrying the brand. But the rebranding has not changed the great taste.


Answer by  acts (65)

Yes, Seattle's Best Coffee is a subsidiary of Starbucks a retailer of special coffee and wholesaler based in Seattle, Washington. They serve the best coffee in the market.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Oddly enough, no, the two company's are separate from each other. I do think it's interesting that two of the largest national coffee chains both originate from Seattle. Maybe there's something in the water there.

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