Question by  Anders (30)

Is it possible to train an off-the-track horse to become a pleasure rider?


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Oh, most certainly YES! Often you will be rescuing a horse from euthanization and giving it a pleasant second career. You must make sure the horse's feet and back are sound, and their nutrition is correct. Remember, most track horses aren't abused. You can gain a great companion this way.


Answer by  JessicaGreer (23)

Yes, this is possible, and not at all uncommon, as the pressure and physical demands of racing often mean that a horse's racing career will be over well before the the end of its natural life. This will be no overnight transition, but with careful retraining can be very successful.


Answer by  LoganBFishburn (124)

It would be difficult, but yes it is possible. A track horse has been trained to run so they have that stuck in their heads. But if your willing to spend the time on retraining the horse then yes it is very possible.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Yes, but if you are new to training I would suggest to buy another horse that's already trained. Most OTT Race Horses have big issues and are hard to train. They are trained to gallop in a a circle and only turn left. Many don't trust people. You have to fix these issues before you can even start training.


Answer by  rmttyler (160)

Absolutely! There are many off-the-track horses that have become great pleasure horses. As with people, a lot of it depends on the personality. There are some track horses that never really fit in there and are much happier as pleasure horses. It is a matter of training and teaching them that they no longer have to go at full speed.

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