Question by  LVN2RN (10)

Is it possible to purchase a boombox that plays cassette tapes?

My favorite music is old stuff on cassette and I don't want to buy the same music again.


Answer by  jamaltrack (33)

It is possible to find boom boxes these days that still include cassette decks but it is increasingly more difficult to do so. You should look at stores like Best Buy and Radioshack to see if they carry these models.


Answer by  mturkuser (216)

Yes. You should be able to aquire one of these at a local pawn shop or online. Don't expect to find them at a best buy however.


Answer by  bassplayer (257)

It is possible to purchase a boombox with a cassette player but they are getting harder ann harder to fine. the best place to look would either be an antique shop or online


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

It's kind of doubtful, but you might be able to find one at a target, most likely in the kids area as opposed to the electronics area. Your best bet is probably to find a decent thrift store, however, and have them keep an eye out for you if they don't have any in stock. Be sure it works first!

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