Question by  YahoooSearch20 (28)

Is it okay to buy a used video card?


Answer by  CallerID (213)

In general: why not? Some components you shouldn't buy in used condition (a hard drive), but graphics should be OK, as long as the seller is trustworthy. It's easy to spot any malfunctioning right away, just do a stress test, e.g. with a program called "3DMark".


Answer by  mrx (59)

Generally buying used electronics especially parts is not the wisest decision one could make financially. Unless you had proof of the video cards ability before the purchase, buying a used one is gamble. There is also the issue of warranty, many used products do not come with a full warranty.


Answer by  BrandonAllin (968)

Yes, absolutely, as long as you are sure the video card you are purchasing is in working order, then there is no risk of buying a used video card.

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