Question by  BrittanySwain (20)

Is instant espresso any good?

I don't have an espresso machine, and I thought the instant would save money.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

Instant espresso is not nearly as good as the freshly brewed kind, but it serves its purpose when there is nothing else available.


Answer by  dinomarino (268)

In the age of instant everything, instant espresso just doesn't meet all the requirements for a good cup of espresso. You really need to use an expresso machine to brew the proper cup of this delicious hot beverage. Any other way is just cutting corners and we all know where that will get you--nowhere.


Answer by  muffin (11)

Instant espresso is a poor substitute for the real thing. It is however handy to have in the cupboard to add when a recipe calls for coffee.


Answer by  hosneymaruf (182)

Yes, instant espresso can satisfy your caffeine demand and it is very easy to bring coffee flavor although its taste is not good as freshly brewed espresso.

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