Question by  deb74 (164)

Is fenugreek tea a good idea for nursing moms?

A friend recommended it.


Answer by  zombieguy (986)

To date, there has been no FDA evaluation to determine if fenugreek has any positive benefits for anyone, nursing mothers included. Additionally, fenugreek has a host of medical precautions against it, including allergic reactions; it is in the same family as peanuts and chickpeas, and can have the same results when consumed by those with an allergy to these foods.


Answer by  Megan99 (183)

Fenugreek is a galactagogue, something that increases the production of breastmilk (also: oatmeal, blessed thistle and fennel). But watch out-too much fenugreek can lead you to smelling like maple syrup!


Answer by  Annief75 (246)

Personally, I've tried this and it didn't work out for me. In all fairness, you are supposed to drink it 4-5 times per day and I only did it about 2-3 times per day but that is an awful lot of tea. I found drinking a lot of water is what worked best, and it was cheaper!


Answer by  sj24 (76)

Yes fenugreek seems to increase milk production in many breastfeeding mothers. However if you are having issues like over supply or strong let down you are better off staying away from it. If you seriously want to increase milk supply fenugreek capsules or seeds are better than tea Since tea gets diluted.

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